Saturday, April 30, 2011


View Organic Shopping, Dining, and Eating in Austin, TX in a larger map

Austin Texas is known for being extremely health conscious. With that, there a lot of different places that can provide and cater to a organic diet. Highlighting Austin is the organic chain grocery store Whole Foods Market. This organic chain grew from small beginnings back in the early 1980s right here in Austin and now has over 300 stores nationwide. This place has all of your organic needs and also features a very nice food court that includes a salad bar, deli, breakfast tacos, coffee and pizza. The next place you can shop for your organic products is the Wheatvale Co-op, it is your more convenient, smaller grocer compared to WholeFoods. This place carries exclusive organic products and will order anything for you upon request if they don’t have it in store already. Going out to eat can be pricy, but one of the few places in Austin that provide all natural produced food is P. Terry’s. All of their products are made in house right when you order it! They serve fresh hand cut fries from real potatoes that are never frozen or chemically preserved. Another place in Austin that serves up organic food is Mothers CafĂ© and Garden; they specialize in all natural vegan and vegetarian dishes. It is easily one of the best places to go in especially if you don’t consume meat or dairy products. One of the most common things you see in Austin are the abundance of self serve yogurt shops, but most of them are franchised that buy there yogurts from a distributor in packages which means they are artificial or made with chemicals. Luckily, one place that keeps things organic and fresh is “Tart yogurt” They serve the only organic yogurt in Austin that is non fat and a better alternative to ice cream. Whether it’s shopping at the store for a nice home cooked meal or during the middle of the week when you want to just to a nice dinner out on the town; Austin seems to have a nice mixture of organic shopping and eateries to satisfy anyone’s appetite!